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Unlike any other beginner golf program, Fairways First provides the perfect pathway to get you started playing the game. I believe the best place to learn any sport is in the environment which it is played. Why should golf be any different?

The Problem
Beginner golf programs today are flawed because they don’t get students on the course soon enough playing the game.

The Solution
Fairways First uses an Incremental Learning Approach that shortens the length of each hole based on the individuals ability level. There are 7 levels that allow new golfers to play on the course right away. If you were learning to snow ski, it would be like going a little further up the mountain as you learn more.  No need for months of practice and lessons before you play on the course. If you can play mini golf, you can play Fairways First.

THE COURSE - The course includes 3 hours of Video Instruction and Action Steps that take you through a carefully designed process that starts in your own home and ends with you playing on the golf course. You will learn proven swing concepts, what to practice, rules & etiquette, where to play, scoring, equipment, and much more. Plus, you will receive 2 private video golf lessons to help you form a fundamental sound golf swing.

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Grant Garrison

I started my golf career in 1984 in San Diego and became a PGA member. My focus in my early days was on becoming a Head Golf Professional. Although I achieved this, my passion was always on teaching and promoting the game and I made the jump to a full time golf coach in 2001. Today, I work as a High Performance Golf Coach in Australia and manage the states college golf association coaching many of Australia's most talented young players. I am Master Certified and listed as one the top 100 golf instructors in the world and serve as an International Advisor for the World Golf Teachers Federation with over 25,000 members. I love sharing the game with others and hope you enjoy playing the game as much as I do.

Grant Garrison

PGA Golf Coach

Once you get started, you will be part of a global community of new golfers all learning the game together, creating a social community that connects you with other new golfer on the Fairways First social media sites.
Fairways First does not separate students by age or gender. We believe golf is the greatest social game ever played and this unique method allows everyone to learn and play the game together.