Ever wonder why golf seems so hard to learn? Tips from friends, searching Youtube videos, group clinics, or expensive private lessons seem to be the only options. The result is that few transition onto the Fairways where the fun begins.

My name is Grant Garrison, I have been a PGA Golf Coach for over 30 years and I have created a fun effective online course designed to get you on the fairways right away.


  • learning everything you need beginning in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Learning in a step-by-step process to eliminate frustration.  No complicated swing methods just what you need to know at the right time.
  • Learn a proven swing method that few teach or understand, dramatically reduce the missed shots that most beginners experience.
  • Learning a modified distance system that allows you to play on the course right away with friends and family.
  • Learn all the rules and etiquette , easy to apply and understand.
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You're Golf Coach

I started my golf career in 1984 in San Diego and became a PGA member. My focus in my early days was on becoming a Head Golf Professional. Although I achieved this, my passion was always on teaching and promoting the game and I made the jump to a full time golf coach in 2001. Today, I work as a High Performance Golf Coach in Australia and manage the states college golf association coaching many of Australia's most talented young players. I am Master Certified and listed as one the top 100 golf instructors in the world and serve as an International Advisor for the World Golf Teachers Federation with over 25,000 members. I love sharing the game with others and hope you enjoy playing the game as much as I do.

Grant Garrison

PGA Golf Coach

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    The Beginner Golf Swing

    • Lets Get Started

    • Equipment

    • All About Equipment

    • The Set-Up Position

    • The Half Swing

    • Swing Drill

    • Action Step 1

    • Focus

    • Assignment - Quiet Eye

    • Hitting Off The Ground

    • True Stories

    • Action Step 2

    • Ball Position

    • Pre-Shot Routine

    • Full Swing

    • Where To Practice

    • Action Step 3

  • 02

    The Short Game

    • Putting 101

    • Chipping

    • Bunker Play

    • Action Step 4 - Private Golf Lesson

    • Coach Shayain - YouTube Channel

  • 03

    The Course, Rules, and Ettiquette

    • The Golf Hole

    • Going The Distance

    • Terminology Review

    • Distance Markers

    • Rules

    • Ettiquette

    • Safety

  • 04

    Let's Get Ready To Play

    • Golf Terms

    • Review

    • 3 Types of Golf Courses

    • Par For The Course

    • Personal Par

    • Fairways First Levels

    • Let's Tee it up

    • Dealing with Bad Shots

  • 05

    Playing Fairways First

    • Level 1 - 75 Metres

    • Level 2 - 100 Metres

    • Level 3 - 125 Metres

    • Level 4 - 150 Metres

    • Level 5 - 175 Metres

    • Level 6 - 200 Metres

    • Level 7 - The Driver

    • Golf Handicap

    • Golf Movies and a Final Word

Fairways First is a complete on-line learning course to teach you how to play golf in the environment which it is played. Fairways First uses a modified distance strategy that makes it easy to learn the game while playing on the course. No need to take heaps of lessons and months of practice before playing the game.


Free Personal Lessons

  • For a Limited Time

    Receive 2 personal video golf lessons in the first month of purchase. Simply send me a video of your golf swing taken with your 'smart phone' and receive 2 video lessons to help you form a fundamentally sound swing.